3D Printed Seawall Installed in Miami Beach, Florida.

3D Printed Seawall

That's fantastic! "Kind Designs" sounds like an innovative and impactful initiative. Based in Miami, they're pioneering the construction and climate tech sector by introducing 3D-printed living seawalls, a first in the United States. These seawalls serve a dual purpose: not only are they structural, meeting all necessary building codes to protect communities from the escalating threat of rising sea levels, but they also have an environmental component.

kind Designs Photo credit via Islander News

Anya Freeman, the founder of Kind Designs, emphasizes that these seawalls function as artificial reefs, hosting biodiversity and sea life. This dual functionality makes them particularly valuable in mitigating the impacts of the climate crisis. Freeman highlights the importance of starting this endeavor in Florida, stating that it directly addresses a significant issue faced by the state. Moreover, the fact that Kind Designs has a Florida-based team and a warehouse in Miami underscores their commitment to tackling local challenges and contributing to the resilience of coastal communities. It's a commendable effort that not only addresses pressing environmental concerns but also demonstrates the potential for innovative solutions to emerge from within local communities.

Kind Designs Inc.

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